Disaster Recovery Management

Disaster Recovery Management

Disaster recovery management consists of preventing a disaster and quickly resuming critical functions in the unlikely case that disaster strikes.  JSB provides a comprehensive solution for the planning and implementation of disaster recovery.  We provide the software, servers and expertise required to safeguard your data and keep your systems running at all times.

JSB disaster recovery solutions include 24/7 real-time data replication, content system monitoring and a Server Recovery Option (SRO). 

The main benefits JSB disaster recovery services include:

  1. Preventing loss of data from Microsoft Exchange, SQL Server, SharePoint or any other database
  2. Replicating your data over an IP network, allowing it to be quickly restored whenever required
  3. Guaranteeing business continuity and high availability by quickly restoring access to data in the event of system failure
  4. Giving your users a continuous working environment
  5. No installation or maintenance required
  6. High protection at low cost.