Why IT Certification

Why IT Certifications:

Today, certification is the key to ascend to a leadership position whatever the industry is, and we partner with our customers to deliver this powerful tool. IT certifications raise the quality in the workplace.

We have the certifications of the leading software vendors in the world.  we have authorization from leading software and hardware manufacturers to perform certification tests to candidates, with international recognition.

Adequate knowledge of technology makes the difference between getting an average result and success.

The certification is the key to carry out their work knowing and applying all the techniques that the manufacturer considers are necessary to implement and support a product successfully.

JSB Technologies conducts  tests that you require to obtain the certification you want, since it is an authorized by leading manufacturers of software in the business environment

Red Hat Certification:

Major companies want to hire the best IT professionals.

That is why a Red Hat certification is guaranteed because it is not only to answer questions in a test. Examinees must pass a practical exam and prove they are qualified to work with Red Hat products.

Red Hat certification provides validation of knowledge and experience. The certification program ensures the employer and managers have Technical skills and develop professionals of the highest quality.

Technical professionals who have a certification test their skills in Red Hat technologies to provide even more value to him and the organizations to which they belong.

The Red Hat Certified Architect (RHCA) certification provides the flexibility to expand them to include new credentials covering cloud platforms, virtualization and applications.

Certifications Available 

Red hat Track:

Cisco Track: 

Delivery Method

The portfolio of courses and our experienced instructors are available at our training centers, with courses in your company and on the web. Select delivery method that suits their objectives of training, learning style, and budget.

Classroom Learning

  • High Quality and best performance Computers
  • Directcontact with expert instructors
  • Results-oriented courses content
  • Practical exercises

Online Training

  • Live courses by expert instructors via the internet in real time.
  • Course delivered using Virtual Live Classrooms.
  • No need to have high-capacity infrastructure.
  • This allows you to save time and travel expenses.

On-Site Training

  • Expert instructors located in place of your choice.
  • Full and personalized curriculum.
  • For small groups or a large corporate projects.
  • we have authorization from leading software and hardware manufacturers to perform certification tests to candidates, with international recognition.

One-on-One Training

  • A Expert dedicated trainer for your specific learning requirements.
  • Best Quality Assured.
  • Easy to Adapt the Course Contents.
  • Learn Quickly Comparing Classroom Training.

Added Values

  • Continuous improvement to ensure the quality of our courses
  • Identifying consultative sales training in pre-sale and post-sale requirements
  • Excellent facilities and equipment technology
  • Tools supporting certification course, employ certification workshops.
  • Sessions on selected topics, Consultations guided by an instructor, Exam preparation.
  • We guarantee our service with satisfaction guaranteed
  • Personalized assessment of the participant to guarantee the teaching-learning process
  • Identification of the profile of participants knowledge to guide about the courses to take and generate career plans.